Thursday, October 22, 2009

Stereotypes/Oppositional Stances

Marriage is an institution between one man and one women
  • The concept of not denying people their right unless you can show compelling reason to do so is the basis of the American ideal of human rights.
  • As we have learned in class, views are always shifting, as a country we must learn to adapt to changing environments.

Marriage is for procreation.

  • What about love?

Same-sex couples are not a good environment to raise children in

  • Says who? There is no research thus far supporting this claim.
  • All children need are positive role models

Gay relationships are immoral

  • Once again, separation of church and state......

Gay sex is unnatural-it is a perversion

  • homosexual behavior has actually been observed in many animals
  • Homosexuality is multi-dimensional, and is much more about love and affection than it is about sex.

Gay people "might recruit."

  • The fear of recruitment is based on a false premise
  • Sexual orientation is inborn
  • Therefore the notion that one be changed from strait to gay is quite unlikely

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  1. The comment about gay sex being unnatural actually reminds me of a question I had my Senior year in high school. The discussion in class was about gay sex, in particular sodomy, and how it is "wrong" because one can not procreate that way. I asked the question "then why is it acceptable for straight couples to practice sodomy (given they can't procreate in that way either) but not acceptable for gay couples? My teachers literally whispered to each other in the front of the classroom and came to this conclusion..."if sodomy is practiced between straight couples in addition to regular intercourse, then it is ok." I just felt like this answer was a brush off; like they didn't know what else to say. Maybe we could try to answer it here?