Monday, October 12, 2009

Question to consider

According to the charts around 18% of people living in the U.S are uninsured. That is a large amount of people who do not have money for things such as check-ups for preventative care, operations, etc. Overall the most important question is how do you feel about the health system in America????

-[Group 1]


  1. I think that are health care system is in deffinite need of reform. As you say, almost 1/5 of Americans are uninsured. I think a major problem is that the people who are insured, do not see it as an issue, because they are unaffected. I think before the government can instate national health care, they need to educate the public on just how big a problem it actually is. I think many are unaware.

  2. The lack of health care for homeless individuals is certainly a vast issue, one that may or may not be alleviated by Universal Health Care. If Universal Health Care does become the norm, it will be interesting to see how/if homeless populations are reached out to in terms of receiving health care and health care benefit information.

  3. well i have had an interesting conversation with a cab driver the other day. He had lost his job a few months back and was having other monetary issues, and within 15 days he got full health and dental health insurance in the state of massachusetts. It was provided for him because he could not afford it, with no referrals or co pays. It seems besides universal health care, their are plenty of resources available, people are just no away of them

    Kimberly Wabik

  4. I, too, feel the health care system is in need of adjustments. It is a popular topic on the news media. Some individuals, those who have health care, may not necessarily realize the obstacles that those individuals face because they are without health care.

    Maddie Williamson

  5. I believe that our health care system needs reform, but agree that more people need to be educated on what having national health care would actually mean, how people would be affected, and what the benefits and costs are. Without people being fully aware of this I think it will be hard for the right decision to do made. In order for people to make a proper decision, especially on a topic as important as this, I believe they need to know all the facts. I personally did not think that we needed national health care, but the more I learn about it, the more I believe that it would be a good thing to have. However, without gaining knowledge about it, I would probably still be stuck in my own beliefs that have been influenced by the thoughts of my father and friends which do not have a lot of hard evidence to back them up. They are just opinions based on inaccurate information. It is like the "White Privilege" article. I have been lucky enough to have very good health insurance so, because I am not really affected by a problem, it did not seem important. However, by learning about all of the people who are just not lucky enough to have a "privilege" such as health insurance like I do, I have become more aware of how big of a problem this actually is and that something needs to be done about it. I never realized how large of an impact health insurance really has on people in numerous ways including money issues and developmental issues in children. Something that has such an impact on people like this should not be a privilege, but a right of all Americans. Whether or not Obama's health care reform is the best way to go, I am still unsure about. I still do not fully understand it and would not want to automatically make a decision before knowing all the facts.

    Meghan Slaalien

  6. It is understandable why health care is becoming a bigger issue in America. A lot of people are losing their jobs and with that their health insurance. I am lucky enough to have health care and can't imagine the trouble it must cause families to go through.
    However, I am torn on what stance to take when it comes to universal health care in the United States. While I understand it would be a great advantage for the homeless as well as many others, I can't help but look at the other side of it as well. I have family members that have problems with their health and it scares me to think of something compromising the care they would receive. It is understandably selfish of me to think in such a small fashion but it is something I worry about.
    Despite that, I think the health care system does need major work and it would be greatly advantageous for Americans to educate themselves on all of the issues surrounding health care reform.

    -Samantha Walters