Friday, October 16, 2009

Healthcare Costs


  1. From Jacqueline Trabish

    I agree that Obama’s plan is not one of the best plans. I had a conversation with one of my friends the other day about our “possible future healthcare.” We decided that there is a gray area; the people who can afford healthcare deserve to get the best, right? But what about the people who are too poor and too sick to get the right health care? We all know that if you have no money, the healthcare is not going to be good and your health would not be as good as it could be if you could afford healthcare.

    I believe the reason why we are ranked so low in our performance and level of health is because we have the social classes where the wealthier people want to stay where they are. Because we are such an individualistic country, we put ourselves first before helping other people, especially those we do not know.

    I believe if the United States does try to give universal healthcare to all its citizens, the country would suffer before the reform actually begins to help people. This is because people will have to get used to getting less money in their paychecks. This will also affect the economy because will not have the money that they used to have to spend on needed or wanted items. So, it is a lose-lose situation.

  2. I agree that the country is going to be hit hard if we end up switching over to universal health care. People will not immediately be able to rationalize giving their hard earned money to help those less fortunate. I know from my very republican family that their feelings on this is that they have worked their entire lives to get what they have and to keep what they have. The security that they have built for themselves is theirs and theirs alone and they feel that they have not been working to support those that cannot do it themselves. This way of reasoning is what needs to change in this country. I do believe in hard work to get what you have but if we don't help out those who cannot do it themselves then we will see despair and over spending and sickness and high mortality rates, much like we are seeing in our country now. Clearly this is not the best way to run a smooth peaceful country but what is the right way. If we knew how to do this then wouldn't it be done already?

  3. I agree that the attidue of the country as a whole needs to change so that we look out for our fellow citizens, but I don't see that happening anytime soon. Most of the people in this country that want to have universal health care and make sure that everyone in this country has the resources to be healthy are those who are middle to lower class. The upper class that has all the monmey doesn't understand things the same as those in lower/middle class citizen do, although lower/middle class citizens are the majority it is the upper class citizens that make the laws. It is going to take a major turn around within the upper class society before universal health care is put into action.

    -Ashley Peterson-