Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Michael Moore: Sicko


  1. I think that this clip is extremely interesting and it is very hard to not get upset by watching this. However, I personally try not to believe everything Michael Moore has in his films because of his extremely bias point of view. It is very easy to show only the information that supports his point of view. I do believe that there are major issues with our health care system and if what this clip says about the prisoners really getting better health care than US citizens, then that is incredibly wrong and some serious changes need to be made. However, I would want to learn more about this from other sources instead of automatically believing and getting very upset from what is being said from a single person from a film.

    Meghan Slaalien

  2. The way Michael Moore has become so famous is because he questions things public and in your face. He rips at peoples hearts and emotions in order to get people pro-active for change that needs to happen. Yes we may need to take what he says with a grain of salt but at least he is asking the questions and he is getting people more aware of how serious things like healthcare are such a problem in this country and no one is really doing anything to make a drastic change. His documentaries open up a whole new discussion and allow people to see right in front of them what is really going on and he doesn't allow the government to hide from his camera or his questions.

    Alyssa Wood

  3. i mentioned this movie in my earlier post this week. Michael Moore is amazing and the way he tears apart our healthcare system is incredible. He points out the irony and forces people to assume responsibility for the failings of the United States. He is obviously very one sided like Alyssa and Meghan point out, and may manipulate the facts to make his extreme points; there is no question, however, about the validity of his overall point: Healthcare in America is in need of serious help.

    Cassidy Freed