Sunday, September 20, 2009

Talking without giving straight advice

During the family show FULL HOUSE (episode under the influence) DJ, the oldest of three daughters, goes to her first frat party with her best friend, Kimmy. After arriving at the party Kimmy decided to drink a few beers , which leads her to become very intoxicated. Fortunately for her Dj was being very responsible and did not drive and took care of Kimmy. However, Kimmy was being very loud and woke up Dj's younger sister Stephanie. Dj told her sister what was going on was wrong , but made Stephanie swear to keep this event a sister secret, because she feared Kimmy would not be allowed over again. Before Stephanie left she told Dj that this scared her re-enforcing Dj to think about the consequences of drinking. Although Dj's father did wake up to the loud noise Kimmy was making he didn't know that she was drunk, because Dj lied and covered for Kimmy. After being so frustrated with the way Kimmy had treated her the next morning Dj decided to tell her dad the truth. Her Father, Danny, talks to Dj and without specifically telling Dj to tell Kimmy just how upset it made her he lets her talk it out with him in order for her to find the right answers to her questions. This show really highlights the idea that parents want kids to find things out on their own. In the end Dj confronts Kimmy about how her mom dying in a drunk driving accident. If the people in her family didn't act or play a certain role in Dj's life she my have never expressed her true feelings about drinking to Kimmy, therefore this situation my have never been resolved.

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