Monday, May 4, 2009

Domestic Violence Discussion

I went to the discussion on domestic violence in the women's center. I was really impressed by how much the woman knew about the different kinds of violence that can happen. For example, I had never really heard of financial abuse until very recently, she was able to describe it in the discussion in a way that made it very clear. Also, I never before would have considered some of those types of abuse, abuse at all. This helped me to realize that abuse is not just about physically hurting someone, it is about forcing someone into something, or a way of life that they do not want to have. One thing i originally found strange was when she said someone forcing you to hold their hand could be considered abuse. At first I though "no way" then upon discussing this further I can see that if you don't want to be holding their hand then, yes, it is considered abuse. As much as I thought I had heard on this subject before I realized that I really did not know as much about it as I certainly do now! I found the discussion very helpful.

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