Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Why are teen fathers overlooked?

Why is it that we hear so much about teen mothers and their babies and so little about the men who have fathered their children?  One out of every fifteen men will father a child while they are a teenager. Even more then that will drop out of high school. Only 20% of teen fathers marry their child's mother.

There is not much research out there about teen fathers. On MTV's Teen Mom the focus of the show is about the mothers and their relationships with the people around them. All of the mother's have very different relationships with the father's of their child. Farrah seems to have no communication with her baby daddy. While Amber and Gary seem to be trying to work out their relationship with their child's best interest in mind. Gary wants to spend time with his daughter and support both the baby and Amber. Maci's boyfriend Ryan does not seem to care or pay any attention to his son. He seems to just want to live his life on his own and forget he ever had a child. Then their's Tyler, him and his girlfriend Caitlin gave their baby girl up for adoption. They both seem torn up over the situation. Tyler shows his maturity over everything. On there is a letter Tyler wrote to his daughter Carly about how he needed to give her a better life.

There is a wide range of teen fathers out there. From very involved and supportive to not around at all. Why do they get forgotten?

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