Saturday, October 10, 2009

Welcome to the FA09 Course Blog -- The Changing Nature of the American Family

Good Morning!

This year's course blog will be opening on Monday October 12th. I look forward to a series of interesting posts and discussions on the topic of the Family. Make use of your collaborative research skills and creative energies to construct your blog posts and feel free to add references, images, video, or sound to enhance your posting. I look forward to reading the blog!

Dr. Amy R-R

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  1. WOW. I didn't know how bad minorities were treated. I've been to hospitals and the majority of the patients waiting were minorities, but i thought it was because i was in a city which has a large population of hispanics. It did seem while i was there that they did take there time treating patients and were kind of rude towards them. It seems to they have less patients than they would if the person was white. I think it can be considered a white privelege, my father is Colombian, hard working and when he would call the insurance company if there wa an issue they woul dgive him a hard time. Where as if i called for him they were sweet and nice. I really liked that blog very interesting.