Sunday, March 22, 2009

dysfunctional families

Personally, I don’t feel comfortable with the term "dysfunctional families" As we all have leaned in class, a "dysfunctional family" is only defined within the terms of the society which it is present in, and within the context of each family. Regarding the influence of media on the family, I recall us having our very fist blog on a similar topic. Most TV shows today are still fairly based off of the "traditional" family view, but are branching off to encourage more diversity. There are famous shows like My wife and kids and of course we all know The Crosby’s who are primarily directed at African American families yet loved by so many others. While TV shoes such as The Gilmore Girls and Everybody Loves Raymond, and even friends do incorporate more diverse characters, there isnt enough of this diversity of family in the media just yet....

I remember the movie Save The Last Dance, and that really impacted our generation of interracial relationships. I honestly dont watch television, and only am familiar with just a few shows. I think many still have that uncomfortable look/ feeling when seeing interracial couples and Lesbian/Gay couples. I do however strongly believe that hopefully, by the time we are all in our fifties, diversity will be old news, and nothing of discomfort, judgment or Surprise. Since media does have a significant impact on the development of out society, encouraging television shows and movie makes of more diverse characters is critical. America is a country of mostly immigrants, including its citizens.We has reshaped the view of society, not only through the media, but through our social networks as well.

Sabina M.

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