Monday, February 23, 2009

To answer Mia's question...

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To answer Mia's Question,

Feminist Theory, as described in our text "focuses on the inequality and power imbalances between men and women, and analyzes subordination, for the purpose of figuring out how to change it."(Seccombe,2008.p.16) The passing of Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act affect the future of feminism clearly changed the inequality in our society between men and women, since power and social status so much depend on a person’s income, which correlates with our social class.
The Act will produce great support for women, especially women who may struggle as widows, or single mothers, and have dependents. Obama's decision to pass this act models to society and even the world the importance of equality. Treating all persons equally on ALL matters despite of sex is a prerogative. With this act, the culturally and socially constructed ideas of gender will have to shift to a new and deserved way of thinking.
Feminism is certainly a powerful and critical theory to inforce. Although this Act was passed, unfortunately there are still many issues to be dealt with to instill equality between men and women in our society. Activism in realms such as: how sexually active women “should” be, compared to men, or Women’s “opportunities” of promotion at the workplace, to those compared to men; this list can go on forever, especially when focusing on equality in the world, not just America.
-Sabina Medvinsky

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